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The main line (drain line) to your home or business is an important road way for wastes to exit the premises. If this line clogs or breaks for any reason you do not want it coming back into your home. Unfortunately this does happens. One way to tell there is a problem starting is if the drains start to empty slower than usual. If you have wastes backing up into your shower or toilet this could mean you have a septic tank that needs emptied, or there is a blockage in the drain line. Either instance Advantage Plumbing has the expertise to solve all your sewer and drain cleaning and clearing needs.

Drain Clearing

We provide a multitude of options to get your drain lines flowing. Some of the tools as professionals we use to help diagnosis and treat clogged drains include:

  • Video Inspection Equipment: This helps us to locate the blockage or break in the line. And actually allows us to see the condition of the drain pipes.
  • Profesional Drain Clearing Machines: These machines actually chew threw to remove what ever the blockage is.
  • Hydro Jetting: Uses high pressure water to blast through the blockage and clean drain lines at the same time safely and non-toxicly.
  • Pipe Location: To better preserve your property by causing the least amount of damage.

Drain Cleaning

Keeping your drain lines clean by doing routine maintenance helps to prevent the emergency needs of a clogged drain line during the lifetime of your home or businesses. Many substances like hair, grease, objects, mineral buildup, and food can become stuck to the walls of the pipes and over time form a blockage. This can cause real inconveniences for you.  Considering it can leave your bathrooms, kitchen, even laundry useless.

But with routine maintenance like regular cleaning of your drains:

  • You protect the operation of your sewer and drain lines.
  • Minimize the chance of damages to your plumbing system as a result of clogged pipes.
  • Keep your home or business clean and hygienic. (Reduces unwanted odors, and Bacteria)
  • And helps prevent the chances of raw sewage from coming back into your premises !

Regular Maintenance can include:

  • Video line inspection: To see the condition of the pipes
  • Hydro Jetting: To scour the pipes clean
  • Grease traps should be pumped every 90 days and lines Hydro Jetted. (Business)

Tips from our Technicians

  • Never use chemical drain cleaners or clog/blockage remover. They are very corrosive materials that can actually deteriorate your pipes. Which can incur hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs. Even worse they can contain Lye and it is highly toxic and can cause severe burns and serious damage to your eyes and lungs.
  • Never take chances with your pipes or your health. Call the experts at Advantage Plumbing! We have the proper equipment and knowledge to safely handle your situation.

Septic Systems

If your septic tank is full we can pump, clean, and service your septic tank. If your field lines need repaired, our septic certified technicians can repair them fast and efficiently to help you avoid further costs and possible property damage. Our technicians can even defeat your properties septic tank and connect you to city sewer with a new drain line were it is available.

Drainage and Sewer Line Installation

Building a new home or remodeling? The experts at Advantage Plumbing can help with the responsibilities that go along with the installation of your new sewer line. Our years of experience have given us the tools to quickly complete the job with less hassle and stress on your family or employees. Our attention to detail like knowing all the areas building codes and permits requirements help speed up the process.

Drainage and Sewer Line Repair

We understand the inconvenience of having sewage backing up into your home or business. And we also understand how devastating to a daily routine it can be. If you have a broken sewer line that needs repaired or replaced the technicians at Advantage Plumbing are here to respond 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year for emergency services. We use video line inspection to locate the break for more accurate digging. Which means less damage to your property. we work quickly to get your system up and running as soon as possible.

Tips from our Technicians

Remember to never place items in the toilet other than toilet paper.

  • napkins
  • toys
  • paper towels
  • sanitary products/applicators
  • baby wipes

These items if they make it through the toilet can and will still get stuck in the drain lines.

When planting trees, shrubs make sure you know where your sewer line is located and do not plant near the line. Roots are a huge issue for causing blockages and breaks in your drain line.

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