The Very Important Water Heater Lesson to Learn from MythBusters

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Although episode 89 of MythBusters aired almost eight years ago in November 2007, the takeaway is just as important today as it was then. Perfectly summed up by the episode’s title of “Exploding Water Heater,” the episode shows just how powerful a water heater explosion can be.

After watching the clip below (or the full episode if you’ve seen it), you might be thinking that the only reason their water heater blew up (and launched in a pretty cool way) was because they took out the safety mechanisms and messed around with the water pressure. The thing is, though, years of neglecting water heater maintenance or just giving it a routine checkup can lead to similar problems. And we can assure you, an exploding hot water heater ripping through your roof won’t be as nearly as entertaining to experience in real life when Adam and Jamie are behind a controlled “kaboom.”

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