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Backflow Prevention Devices

A backflow preventer is used to protect potable water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow. Backflow can happen due to a water main break or frozen pipes, because it will change the maintained pressure needed to enable water to flow properly from a tap (faucet). When this occurs it can allow contaminated water from the ground,storage or other sources to be drawn into the system. It literally pulls it in from the undesireable source. We install 3/4″ up to 8″ backflow preventers for commercial and residential applications.When we install a backflow preventer other devices that can be installed where applicable are: Air gap device, Double check device, isolation valve, access unions,Y-strainer. We also install inclimate weather protection such as Hot Boxs for your backflow preventer.  Do you have an irrigation system at your home or business? We also install backflow preventers for irrigation systems and also do winterization services.

Commercial Bathroom Installation and Repair

Your businesses bathroom is a very interigal part of your building. There are codes that must be followed to avoid violations. Advantage Plumbing can help you keep from code violations and delays by informing you up front what is necesssary for your projects needs. We work very hard to stay within your budget. We can assist in choosing the best fixture for your needs such as: sinks,toilets, urinals, auto flush, flush meters, sensor operated Any installation or repairs we are there!

Commercial Utilities  (Water Lines, Sewer Lines)

Advantage Plumbing can help you with all your utility needs. New construction for your business you need a licensed contractor to take your wants and make sure they include the necesssary needs to meet all applicable codes to avoid violations. By choosing Advantage Plumbing we can secure all necessary permits saving you time and money to insure you are on schedule for all inspections.

Water Line Installation (water line coming into the building)

For proper water line installation it is important to know and understand the volume needs that have to be met, to insure the proper size line is installed. Once that is established, we will know what size supply lines ti run to feed each fixture in your building. This would include every sink, toilet, dishwasher, washer , water heater, etc. To insure maximum water pressure for each application. We take pride in our years of experience and training that allows us to be able to design a water system that is perfect for your businesses needs.

Sewer Line Installation

The sewage line for your business has the very important job of removing wastes from your property. For your businesses new construction needs, by allowing Advantage Plumbing to install your sewer(main) line, you are getting not only a licensed professional but our training and years of experience. We will obtain all necessary permits and we know all the building codes for each area we service. We know how to obtain the proper fall per foot, and the clean out distances and sizing. We always work efficently and use the proper equipment to minimize damages to your property.

Water Line Repair

Repairs to your businesses water line inside or outside of your property are always handled quickly and efficently to keep water shut off time at a minium, or if able to during closed hours. And for outside repairs we always use our location equipment to minimize damage to your property and lessen the diggging time. We are here 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all your emergency needs.

Sewer Line Repair or Stoppage

If you happen to have a main sewer line break or leak, we will use video line inspection to pin point the leak or break, and determine the condition of the line itself. This helps us to locate the pipe for minimal damage caused by digging. Also by seeing the condition of the pipe it helps us give you the option to replace the line, if in really poor condition, to keep repair cost down.

If at some point the toilets and sinks start to back up,our technicians have all the necessary professional equipment to to locate a stoppage and remove it.  We have auger style machines that actually chew through the clogg or we could use hydro jetting that uses high pressure water to blast through the stoppage while also cleaning the pipe. This method helps to prevent future cloggs in the same line.

Drain line Installation or Repair

The drain lines in your business run from every fixture to send wastes to the (main) sewer line. It is very important that these lines be sized, strapped, and vented properly. They must be routed for maximum flow potential, and minimal stoppage hazzards. Which will save you money on drain line clearing. Advantage Plumbing is ready and trained to achieve all your drain installation needs. If your drain line happens to have a break or a stoppage, you can always call our professionals. 24 hours a day 7 days a week for emergency services. We can repair a drain line break or leak quickly and efficently. We use video line inspection to better locate the damaged pipe to insure little damage as possible to your property. We also use the video line inspection to see the condition of the drain pipes which can help you to avoid future breaks or leak. If you know ahead of time they are in rough shape you can have them replaced causing less possible damage to your property later, and other costly repairs.  To ensure little or no down time for your companies daily activities. When it is possible we work after your business hours so it is as if the leak or break never happened, for your employees or customers.

Drain Line Stoppage

If your business experiences slow draining sinks, or back ups from the toilets give us a call. We can get your drains flowing in no time at all. Our technicians have the professional equipment they can locate the clogg with video line inspection.That can help them to better determine what clearing method would be best. If it is hydro jetting that uses high pressure water to blast away the stoppage and clean the line at the same time. Helping to prevent possible future cloggs in the same line. We have professional auger type machines that can chew through the blockage to clear the line. Video line inspection also can allow the technician to determine the condition of the pipe. This can help them determine if there is deterioration that is helping to cause the blockage.

Gas Lines Install or Repair

We can install and repair gas lines for your business. Ovens, stoves, heat, and hot water heaters what ever your need. We can safely and quickly make sure they are by codes standards. Give us a call, Advantage Plumbings highly trained professionals are ready to help.

Commercial Hot Water Heaters

Even your business needs a hot water heater to provide hot water for hand washing, cleaning, dish washing, or even a washing machine. Advantage Plumbing is here to help with all your commercial hot water needs. Do you need a hot water heater due to new construction? Will your businesses pilot light not stay lit?  Does it have a leak or does youe business just need a new hot water heater? Give us a call! Commercial applications have too be evaluated carefully for the amount of fixtures and need of volume. Our technicians are trained and certified to offer you the best options for your business. Electric, gas, typical, tankless, or even a boiler system Advantage Plumbing can solve all your hot water needs.

Recirculation System

A recirculation system keeps hot water flowing through the hot water lines at all times.This does away with the delay of your businesses hot water to the faucets(taps). This helps to conserve water waste since you are not running the water and waiting dor it to heat. We also install thermostatically controlled pumps which allow for you to adjust the temperature the water is kept at in the pipes. So instead of the pump constantly running it will only run as needed to maintain the desired temperature. There are even programmable pumps that you can actually set to start circulation to warm the water in the pipes before your first employee reports for work, or customer comes in. Which saves both on water wastes and energy consumption. By installing a recirculation system this will also help solve any possible leaks, on the hot side, that could occur due to frozen pipes. With the water constantly moving or maintaining a set temperature there is no cold water sitting in the pipes waiting to freeze during inclimate weather.

Commercial Fixtures and Appliances

Does your businesses needs include changing out a dishwasher, sinks( for hand washing, dish washing) or even a drinking fountain? We can take care of all your needs. New construction, a remodel, or do you need to just add a few things? Advantage Plumbing installs and repairs drinking fountains, installs lines for your washing machine, maybe you need a Mixing Valve to provide warm water instead of necessarily hot and cold to your employees or customers. We also install and repair Hydrants, so if you need one added to your facility or have one that is not working properly give us a call.

Pressure Regulation Valves

A pressure regulation valve helps to regulate the incoming water pressure to all your supply water lines. This application may be needed due to the fact the PSI of the water coming in is way above the pressure allowed for your hot water heater, faucets, even the water lines in your business.

Grease Traps

Advantage Plumbing can install, repair, and take care of your businesses grease trap maintenance. We can clean your grease trap lines and set up your business every 90 days to have the lines cleaned. This will help prevent costly and inconvenient stoppages and odors.