Trust Advantage Plumbing to Fix Your Emergency Plumbing Problem Right

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“To the man with a hammer, all problems look like a nail.” That phrase may not mean something to everyone, but the idea behind it is entirely applicable to emergency plumbers in Franklin, Mount Juliet, Murfreesburo and Nashville. If you have a leak or clog in one of your pipes, most plumbers in the area are going to be able to fix it for you on the spot. The thing, though, is that many Nashville plumbers only work with piping and in-home fixtures. That being the case, they will approach potential plumbing problems though the narrow focus of what they know, which can lead to much larger issues in the future.

With Advantage Plumbing, you will get a plumber who has extensive training and knowledge about every facet of residential plumbing, including how to deal with mainlines and external draining issues. Many members of our team also have knowledge of electrical and construction work, so you can trust their evaluation of your plumbing problem to be well-rounded.

Don’t settle for a plumber who only yields a hammer (so to speak), hire the team who knows how to use the whole toolbox. Call Advantage Plumbing 24-hours a day for your emergency plumbing needs at (615) 781-1239, or send us a message if you have any questions or would like to schedule a maintenance appointment.

Check out the video below to learn how to repair a leaky toilet (before it becomes an emergency!).