5 Ways to Save Money During Your Next Bathroom Remodel

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Remodeling any part of a home can be expensive enough, but bathrooms tend to be particularly expensive. With purchasing multiple fixtures and potentially needing to fix water damage, faulty wiring or plumbing, even a small bathroom can add up to a lot of cash. Before you start your next bathroom remodeling project, read these tips on how to save money throughout the process then contact Advantage Plumbing to get to work.

Give Your Trash to Charity

According to Habitat for Humanity’s ReUse program manager B.J. Perkins, a whopping 85 percent of most homes can be reused for resale and installation in other properties. That being the case, you can call in the Habitat for Humanity ReUse team to completely gut your bathroom (if you’re starting your remodel from scratch) or have them come in to haul off specific items like the sink, cabinets, toilet or bathtub. Though you’ll have to pay them to trash the bathroom for you, it will easily be less than $100 and you won’t have to pay anything beyond that for landfill space/use or transporting the trashed fixtures. Additionally, you will receive tax credit for charitable donation since the fixtures and money will be given directly to Habitat for Humanity.

Only Replace Necessities

Many people think that, no matter what, all of the drywall in a bathroom needs to be replaced when going through a remodel. While this ends up being the case for many bathroom remodels, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the case for your revamp. The same goes for tile or fixtures. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You may be able to save a nice chunk of change by replacing only what needs to be. Meeting with professionals like Advantage Plumbing can make all the difference if you’re looking to save money, since we can guide you through the remodel process and help you stick with your budget.

Put in Some Sweat Equity

You know who you don’t have to pay to work? That’s right, yourself. If you put in some of your own time tearing the old bathroom down and hauling trash away, that’s labor that you just saved yourself from having to pay for. Likewise, most of the people you hire will willingly accept your assistance, which can then end up in a more efficient and less expensive remodel.

Remember, Timing Matters

The time of year you decide to remodel your bathroom remodeled can mean save you a few hundred dollars. By waiting for the slowest month of the year – typically January – to start your bathroom remodel, you can potentially look forward to substantially more affordable service due to more competitive rates. In some cases, this can even end up saving you over $1,000 on the total job.

Know What You Want and Stick to It

Before you even begin putting in that sweat equity and figuring out which drywall can stay and what needs to go, you can start saving thousands of dollars simply by knowing how you want the bathroom laid out. If you aren’t sure, or have few (dozen) images saved on Pinterest and don’t know how to mesh them together, call up Advantage Plumbing and work with our team of professional to create your dream powder room. Once you have an idea, stick with it. You’ll save both time and money by letting the team get in and get the work done without any add-ons or changes (save for any unavoidable repair work that may come up).

After deciding that you’re ready to remodel your bathroom and you need a plumber to come through and make sure everything is hooked up right, give Advantage Plumbing a call at (615) 781-1239, send us a message or visit our website at www.advantageplumbingtn.com to see what we can do to make your remodel easier.