Advantage Plumbing Makes Sure Your AO Smith Water Heater is Running A-OK


Although the company is not necessarily a household name along the lines of GE, Maytag or Zenith when it comes to appliances, AO Smith water heaters are in almost 40 percent of homes in Madison, TN. That being the case, anyone looking for hot water heater maintenance there or in the neighboring Hillsboro Village, Mount Juliet or Franklin areas of Nashville will want a technician who is highly experienced with AO Smith water heaters.

Luckily for Nashville residents, Advantage Plumbing is not only one of the best residential and emergency plumbing companies available, but they’re also extremely experienced with AO Smith products as well as their most prominent competitors Rheem and Bradford White, which make up 37 percent and 14 percent of the water heater market respectively.

Advantage Plumbing also has the tools and experience to provide maintenance and repair on all types of water heaters produced by AO Smith and will come to your home or office to do so. From AO Smith’s lines of electric, tankless, hybrid and solar water heaters – all of which are most common in residential properties – to commercial water heaters, boilers, skid systems and storage tanks normally found in businesses, Advantage Plumbing can tackle even the most difficult hot water heater situations.

Through their years of experience, Advantage technicians have found that there are a number of different problems that a hot water heater could be experiencing, and temperature control issues is just one of the many symptoms that could signify a more serious issue. If you find that your AO Smith water heater is experiencing zero hot water, a malfunctioning thermostat, leaks, noises from inside the tank or any kind of hissing or whistling, you need to give a hot water heater plumbing company in Madison, TN, like Advantage Plumbing a call right away. Even if some of these issues seem innocuous at first, they can quickly become very problematic and costly. In some cases, a malfunctioning water heater can also be a huge safety concern, and the injuries caused by hot water heaters are more often severe than not, and that alone is reason enough to have a water heater checked at the first sign of problems.

As you may have guessed, Advantage Plumbing can also help you upgrade an AO Smith water heater. While a new tank in usually going to be more efficient (and cost-effective) in terms of energy or gas used and heating time compared to the one you may be currently using, there are several non-traditional types of water heaters (solar, hybrid, tankless, etc) that can have an even greater impact on your monthly utility bills. These savings are often so substantial that it offsets the cost of the heater and professional installation in a year or two.

Those in the Madison, Hillsboro Village, Mount Juliet, Franklin and any other Nashville neighborhoods who are interested in AO Smith water heater maintenance, repair or installation should contact Advantage Plumbing by calling (615) 781-1239 or by sending them a message for more information or to schedule an appointment or consultation.